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Marmoreal White Board

by Max Lamb

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Marmoreal is a highly visual, engineered stone (Terrazzo) devised by designer Max Lamb. We were first introduced to the product when we popped by Max's for coffee and cake; we loved it and the project that was born from DZEK.

We took the Marmoreal and carefully cut and honed it for use at the kitchen table. The cool marble makes a super cheese board.

Marmoreal is composed of 95% marble, Verde Alpi (the intense green colour), Rosa Verona (the rich red colour), Giallo Mori (the briht ochre-yellow) and Bianco Veron the base colour (the off-white). Terrazzo is not new but with Max and DZEK it becomes a wonderfully modern product that skilfully balances tradition with a contemporary approach and visual.

Max Lamb is a British designer with an extensive history of working with stone. DZEK initiates material-based design collections that address the limitations of industry and craft through their symbiosis. DZEK was founded in 2009 by design advisor and curator Brent Dzekciorius. 

Dimensions: L30 x W20 x H2 cm


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