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Glass Spoon

by Max Frommeld

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When we saw these, we couldn’t resist picking them up, seeing the light play on the surface and shine through the glass. Each one is handmade and unique, perfect for savouring desserts or stirring coffee.

Max Frommeld comes from a tradition of working directly with materials and processes. A German designer working in London, his studio encourages creative problem solving through the act of making.

Materials: Borosilicate Glass
Each spoon is made by hand so please enjoy the natural variation in size. Spoons range from 7.5cm to 13cm in length. Use the dropdown menu below to see the different colourways.


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  • Grey — €30.00
  • Green — Out of stock
  • Grey and Clear — Out of stock
  • Green and Clear — Out of stock
  • Clear and Grey — Out of stock
  • Clear and Green — Out of stock



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