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Brass Fish Corkscrew

by Walter Bosse

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In the tradition of his brass figurines, Walter Bosse’s corkscrews are not only useful but fun, odd, and beautiful to behold. Full of movement and with a friendly smile, this fish embodies in form and function Bosse's original intention, the desire to make "as many people as possible happy".

The production of "Modern Vienna Bronzes" still follows Walter Bosse's casting procedures. Originally trained as a ceramicist, Bosse found "a great love for brass" and began casting his early ceramic figurines to new brass models. Renewed interest in Vienna bronze has reinvigorated this craftsman's work. Today, production is located in a small, quiet village near the Austrian-Hungarian border, where Bosse's legacy is carried on and upheld with the same knowledge, handcrafted quality, and original integrity of its founder. 

Materials: Solid brass, hand finished to a gold sheen with black patina
Dimensions: L15cm




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