Makers & Brothers

Note from the founders

Our intention when we started M&B was to create something that felt a little special. More than anything else I think we were curious to see if anybody was interested in what we had to say. We wanted to develop a fresh approach to small-scale retail, one that told stories, brought attention to the beauty of the everyday. We wanted to explore objects of use; the simple, beautiful and sometimes nicely odd. We looked to engage with the idea of craft as a process, a production by hand or machine that created objects of integrity. Our curiosity fed endless conversations, encounters with incredible people and made every day an adventure.

Now, after seven years we believe it is time for a change, time for us to take a step back and dream it all up again. We are not going far, just switching off the outward facing part of the operation. We will be working on a few different projects, and are still committed to finding and supporting the best makers of all sizes.

We'll be back but first, we need to find a new approach, one that feels as fresh and exciting as it did seven years ago. Once we've worked out how to do that we will be sure let you know. Until then, stay curious and take care.